The Rules


The Rules:

1.No ASl and age related crap here, I do not need it,and I will not put up with it, This site is for (Mature people) that have risen above that crap) in short keep your personal age and all clues to your personal age out of the picture. (That especially goes for any minors who have chosen to ignore the site warning (in short if you are a minor I do not in anyway want to know and or hear about it).

2. No age discrimination what so ever involving a characters age,That crap will not in any way be tolerated here (if you are not willing to treat all characters as equals in all ways then leave its as simple as that.)

3.Anything that is related to Bronys or My little pony's and yes that includes avatars is not wanted here, law suits from hasbro is something I do not need.

4.The feed back tool, this is for the purpose of leaving feed back for paid role plays nothing more, if you are caught using it for anything else you will lose your privilege to use it.

5 The chat here is to role play in, if you are not going to role play then please leave as this uses band width.

6. No gender benders here, males run male characters females run female characters, I know that may sound a little unfair to some but it saves a lot of arguments and keeps things nice and simple.

7.This site does not support para role playing the purpose of this site is to promote true role playing the way it was meant to be,paid role playing ads are the only exceptions to this so long as the person also does one liners.

8. All free lance role play ads must be placed in the free lance section .

9.Grammar nazis are not wanted here, and will not be tolerated you are here to role play not teach English 101, Take that crap else where.

10.Do not tell people you are going to role play with them then change your mind or just walk out on someone that's called being rude if you do not have the maturity to honor a agreement then come back when you do.

11.When role playing here please try to give the role play your full attention if you are not going to give the person your full undivided attention then why even bothering agreeing to role play with them in the first place, That's is called being rude and will not be tolerated here.

12. Girls do not tell guys you will role play anything they want then go back on your word, on this site the term anything means just that, Try taking some responsibility for your agreement.

13. When you are chatting with someone try not to chat at the exact same time the other person is chatting, This is called interrupting someone and causes a lot of confusion take turns and let the other person speak,also if you have something to say that is going to take a while to type let the other person know ahead of time.

14.The forums are not for role playing in.

15. Anything that is related to and promotes discussions involving animal cruelty is strictly prohibited, girls voring animals such as swallowing gold fish or mice is allowed, But that is as far as I will allow.

16. Do not run non human characters with human morals of right and wrong for example if you are running werewolf character and flat out refuse to refuse to make a meal out of a 5 year old that is your human morals kicking in if you cant run a non human character without your human morrows and group mind programming kicking in then just do not run one its as simple as that.

Rules will be updated and Changed as needed...


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