Chat Instructions


Chat Instructions:

  1. Click on Chat link above Chat instructions.
  2. Log in using forum login.
  3. To type move mouse pointer to box you type in and click to enable curser.
  4. To Move from room to room click Lounge
  5. Your name will appear under the room you are in.
  6. To Create a Public or Private room click add, You must click lounge to move to room after you created it.
  7. To invite someone to room click on username then invite, include password if any with invitation.
  8. To change Chat look click options, Themes, Click on Macintosh to change theme, To edit them Click on boxes below
  9. To Change back click Options reset
  10. To enable and disable Sounds Click options, Chose Sound and enable or disable mute
  11. Effects will allow you to choose avatar and remove back ground,transparence works with back ground check,Photo is disable.
  12. Text is self explanatory
  13. To exit click on Red circle top right hand corner



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